Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Hot Fuzz - Dead Right

[EDIT: So, as it turns out, Dead Right was a shot-on video cop film Edgar made in his teens. You can see a clip right now, on YouTube. The truly funny thing is, it actually shows some genuine promise - and I just expected it to be silly.

I've also learned that the main film will come with four audio commentaries - Edgar, Simon and Nick, the police-playing actors, the NWA folk and some real, genuine live coppers]

I can now tell you that the
Hot Fuzz DVD, here in the UK at least, will also feature a 40 minute something called Dead Right. What could it be? The pre-requisite making-of featurettes and so on seem to be accounted for in the supplements I revealed last week. A subplot movie of deleted scenes? That's a bit hopeful, I admit.

I'm getting Hot Fuzz anticipation all over again.


Steev said...

I wouldn't get too excited - "Dead Right" was Edgar Wright's first attempt at a cop movie, made when he was in his teens...

Brendon said...

Wouldn't get too excited? That's about the most exciting thing we could ever hope for!