Monday, March 26, 2007

Meet The Robinsons Preview DVD Free At HMV

HMV are about to roll out a campaign of cut-price Disney DVDs. They will also be giving away Meet the Robinsons Preview DVDs to anybody to buy a campaign title but I've managed to blag a copy of the disc already.

It contains two trailers and the full 'Science Fair' scene from the film, as well as the aftermath on the rooftops - over 9 and a half minutes. Looking at at it again in 2D, it was still fun but it cried out for the extra dimension, particularly the shot of an evil Bowler Hat flying through the rafters, or the flying shot pulling away from the city near the end. The sense of depth in some of these shots was absolutely immersive in the 3D movie proper.

I captured the above image from the disc to show a sweet little injoke you can look out for when you see the film on the big screen. One of the kids' projects features a little 3D movie reference.

Londoners take note: you can see Meet the Robinsons 3D now, where the rest of the world have to wait until Friday March 30th.

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Mark said...

I wasn't really expecting anything from this film, but I find myself chuckling every time the TV spots come on.