Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Oxford Murders Muddle

The local paper here in Oxford is covering the shooting of The Oxford Murders, for obvious reasons. They aren't getting every fact quite right, however:

"Oxford's Broad Street turned into a film set today as shooting for The Oxford Murders began" they say. Which doesn't explain how I was on set last Thursday, not to mention the various on-set snaps I saw a couple of weeks back.

They go on "The nearby White Horse pub, set to feature in a scene to be shot on Thursday, provided a warm haven for extras and crew. Licensee Jacqueline Paphitis said: Elijah Wood was in this morning and had a cup of tea. He was laid-back and a really nice guy. Everyone's really excited about the filming on Thursday."

That's Thursday, Frodo-stalkers. Of this week.

I might take my students by again. The sneaky peek we had last week was very interesting for them. It was a pleasure to meet Alex de la Iglesia too, however briefly. Was any scoopage gleaned? Not much, but he did tell me that the film is expected to premiere at the Venice Film Festival this year.

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