Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Who Will Hurt? Indiana Jones Or Abraham Lincoln?

As Paul has pointed out to me, while speaking in yesterday's Guardian, John Hurt mentioned that he's recently received a job offer from Spielberg. He does claim the project is 'as yet unannounced", but formally speaking, that could be either Indiana Jones And The Something Most Likely To Be City of Gods or the Abe Lincoln film, probably just called Lincoln.

Or, of course, it may actually be something completely unannounced.

Hurt's in town here filming The Oxford Murders right now, so I'll see if I can't corner him in Friar's Entry and rattle him 'til answers fall off (Chance'd be a fine thing, etc.) Anybody got a skeleton key for the Randolph Hotel?

Let the Indiana Jones rumour wind carry this one far and wide!

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