Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pegg, Frost, Aardman, Borat, Little Britain And Numberwang: This Year's Comic Relief Line Up

Red Nose Day for 2007 is Friday March 16th. Want to know what's planned for the evening?

A 'speci
al' Mr Bean; and Ant and Dec, but no autopsied aliens; a 'special' installment of Harry Hill's TV Burp; a 'special' Creature Comforts from Aardman; Catherine Tate as Lauren, with a new teacher; Russell Brand and Dennis Waterman star in 'special' Little Britain Live sketches; Dawn French returns for one last 'special' time as The Vicar of Dibley; a 'special' episode of - oh, lord help us all, this is crazy - Numberwang with Carol Vorderman and Jonny Ball as Mitchell and Webb's victims; a 'top secret' treat from Peter Kay (who is, definitively, 'special'); a 'special' appearance from Ricky Gervais as 'never seen before' (maybe they mean he'll say or do something actually funny); Graham Norton and Davina McCall being 'naughty'; a 'special' appearance from Borat; Armando Ianucci grilling celeb guests about the worst moments of Comic Relief in history; more from Little Britain Live with Kate Thornton and Dawn French; Chris Moyles winding up his Rally-oke tour; Mitchell and Webb performing a 'special' version of Lady in Red; more from Aardman, in league with Marc Wootton; Tim Westwood in a 'special' Pimp My Ride; Little Britain Live (again) with Jeremy Edwards, Peter Kay (again) and David Baddiel; and the final wind-down with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

That's BBC1, from 7pm, on Friday March 16th. Superb.

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