Thursday, March 22, 2007

Peter's Tears

In their piece linking to a new 60-second Spider-Man 3 ad, SlashFilm asked "Why is Peter Parker crying?"

Just for them, spoilers follow.

He's in the hospital in this shot. Harry has been very seriously injured - by Peter, in the fight shown in the 7-minute NBC clip. It looks like Harry might not make it - but he does.

He only dies in the big pagger at the end of the film, saving Peter.

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Anonymous said...

Heres the last dialogue the two have, spoiler warning:

"Don't leave us, pal," Peter urged. "We need you. MJ needs you."

It's you she loves," Harry said. "It's only, ever, been you."

He fought for breath as Peter touched the side of his face that had been terribly mangled. "I... should never have hurt you," Peter said. "Said those things."

"I forgive you, Pete."

Peter looked at him in amazement. "How could you forgive me?"

To Harry, the answer was so simple that he was surprised Peter even needed to ask. "You're... my friend."

Peter was smiling through his tears as Harry took his hand and grasped it firmly one last time. Harry returned the smile, and with that on his lips, with the rays of a rising sun stretching over the horizon, Harry Osborn passed away.

Brendon said...

Most amusing. If only you'd worked in the fact that Harry lives until almost the end of the film (the tears come fairly early on) then, well, you might have fooled some gullible folk. Perhaps.

Which would have been even more amusing.

Anonymous said...

Wow, well i'm sorry I had you amused there. First off, I didn't think I needed to state that the exert I wrote came from came after Harry had sacrificed himself to save peter. And second off, the source I got this info from was in fact the novelization for the film written by Peter David. While I'll admit the novelization of a movie isn't always exactly the same as the movie but it comes pretty close. That may be the dialouge in the movie or it might not be. Still don't believe me, here's another exert:
The black goo that constituted its mask receded, revealing the face of the man who'd been driving the cab. His burning eyes stared down at them Beyond that he had taken her captive, Mary Jane had no clue who he was, but from Spider-Man's reaction she knew that Peter recongnized him immediately.'

Eddie: "Hiya pal, remember me?"

"Oh my God," gasped Spider-Man. "Eddie Brock..."

"No. Not Eddie. Not anymore. Im poison to you now Spider-Man," he said, flicking his tongue around. "Im...Venom. And I just want to you to know, I took your advice. You told me if I wanted forgiveness, I should find religion, so I went to church last night and asked for it. I asked for everything that had been taken away from me. Damned if I didn't get it. And more. I was handed the power I never dreamed of, Pete. It just... poured down on me as if from heaven itself."
Keep in mind this is from the novel which is based upon Alvin Sargent's screenplay. I know you must be thinking that the book comes out March 27 but some stores, such as Waldenbooks, have released it earlier. Also the Venom battle royale death scene:

Venom had in the meantime recovered. He raised the jagged pike and charged yet again. There was only split second- Spider-Man kicked up into his hands a lenght of rebar at his feet and, in one fluid motion, struck it against the girder. This time, with Peter's full muscle behind it, it generated a clang so sonorous that Peter could feel the fillings in his teeth vibrating in response. Because the rebar itself was generating the sound, the symbiote would be vulnerable to least in theory.

He lowered the rebar to meet the oncoming Venom, and Venom- staggering from the ringing- was unable to control his forward motion. He impaled himself upon the makeshift tuning fork that Spider-Man had fashioned and gasped in surprise. The deadly pike dropped from Venom's hands.

Peter had taken care not to make the wound mortal. Eddie Brock would be in a world of hurt for a long time, but it wasn't meant to be fatal by any means.With any luck, though, it would be fatal for the symbiote because of the tonality.

Peter's eyes widened in shock. What ever the symbiote had done to him, it didn't compare to with what it had done to Brock.

It slithered off him, in response to the sound assault...but it left nothing behind.

All that remained of Eddie Brock was a smoking skeleton, and Spider-Man couldn't help but wonder in horror if Brock had even been present at all. It might well have been the alien creature all along, talking and acting the way it believed Eddie Brock was supposed to.

Brendon said...


That's all I can say.