Sunday, March 18, 2007

Some Indy Facts

Here are two Indiana Jones facts for you.

Firstly, it is Indiana Jones and the City of Gods. Definitely. This was the title of an older script, not the new one - but it is going to be used as the title of the film, in place of the title on the front page of the new script. Not sure why, but it is apparently 100% true,

Secondly, Shia LaBeouf is in. For sure. No idea why he's been rocking the boat, but he's in.

[EDIT: And now I'm hearing that Gong Li is in. Quieter voices have suggested Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington too, but the boys don't seem to check out at all]

I received a tip-off about the title and LaBeouf facts together, and have been able to confirm each separately. All three folk involved really would know too. So I'm confident, and happy to take it to the bank. I'm happy for you to remember me getting so loud and clear on this one, prepared to risk the egg on my face because, frankly, I don't doubt either of these facts at all.

[EDIT: A pretty good source has now suggested that Teotihuacan is involved. Does that clear anything up for any of us?]

[EDIT: Hollywood Elsewhere are also positing the involvement of Gong Li. Interesting]

[EDIT: Okay, got to the bottom of the Gong Li mystery. The idea was first posited on a Gong Li messageboard and picked up by a few folk. One of them mailed me, another one of them was Jeffrey Wells at Hollywood Elsewhere. No matter what he says, this seems to be the origin of his info - I don't believe he read the article he mentions at all.

The messageboard have been rumouring Gong Li's involvement for two years, but a lot has changed in the Indy camp since then.

Truthfully? She's (at least in talks) to star in The Mummy 3. I feel sincerely stupid for not noticing this earlier, but it has been pointed out to me - very kindly - and it was suddenly so obvious. She really is likely for the third Mummy film - even while Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz aren't]


Anonymous said...

Any Idea what Gong Li will play?

A goddess probably.

Anonymous said...

Mummy 3???????? I highly doubt it. That is a waste of her talent.