Saturday, March 17, 2007

Watchmen Casting

On Thursday night, I was at the UK premiere of 300. There's plenty to be said about that - about the film, about the after-party, about how Lena Headey was far too slight and fragile looking to look like a sensible Sarah Connor - but I'm busy today, and that longer post will have to wait. How does Monday sound to you?

Here, though, in the meantime, is a brief cluster of Watchmen casting snippets.

After the premiere, Zack Snyder faced plenty of questions from guests. Poor chap was just trying to relax and enjoy the night, but plenty of people had the same line of questioning. Did anybody manage to find out even the slightest bit of Watchmen casting news? For real? Sort of.

First of all, it's quite clear that some roles have been cast already - in fact, Snyder said as much. He wouldn't fill in the blanks, but he did made it clear that announcements would be forthcoming, and "soon". He was quizzed directly about Ron Perlman's recent comments - and did not deny his involvement, smiling, answering diplomatically, and therefore stoking the fires of intrigue and excitement. Now, if this comes to pass and Perlman ends up playing The Comedian, I think I'll be pretty happy.

Secondly, there's another story going around - since before Thursday, but gathering strength daily - that Jackie Earl Haley is up for the prized role of Rorschach. Comics 2 Film have picked up on the story today, and while I'm not sure of the initial source, or it's veracity, I do like the idea. Plenty of people have been lobbying for Simon Pegg for some time now, but he's nowhere nearly as good a choice as Haley.

So, Snyder has a couple of strong choices very possibly already under contract.

[EDIT: Haley simply won't be able to find the time, I'm sure. According to The Hollywood Reporter, his plate is full enough already]


Elisabeth said...

Oh, to have been there...

I really hope he puts Butler in Watchmen somewhere, either as the Comedian or as Night Owl. I think he could pull off either.

Bloke down the pub said...

The main thing I like about these rumours is that the casting skews older than the previous names being bandied about, which is in keeping with the entire premise of the book. Other than that, don't know if I've ever seen Haley in anything, though I see (thanks to IMDB) that he's certainly sufficiently goofy.

Concrete Block 15 said...



boxingmonkey said...

After seeing the picture of Jackie Earl Haley at IMDB, the only comic that came to mind was Transmetropolitan.