Sunday, March 18, 2007

Tideland DVD Brouhaha Finally Wrapped Up

Phil Stubbs at Dreams has compiled all of the information he can regarding the various DVD releases of Tideland. The short version: get the UK version. Just like we told you in the very beginning.

Phil has been running a Gilliam site for years now, and as such, Gilliam sends him semi-official statements. That's the main thing to go over to the piece for, to see Gilliam definitively say once more what we've known for weeks:

That the ThinkFilm DVD is a hatchet job and the UK release from Revolver is just as the director intended.

Now... how do we get ThinkFilm to reissue the DVD, apologies and instigate a free disc-replacement scheme? Surely nothing else will do. Ideas in the comments section, please. Your support on this issue will be greatly appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

How about starting a petition and getting lots of DVD reviews sites to follow this story? Most of us are excited enough that the film landed a distributor, but imagine how much of a blow it would be if people didn't buy it, knowing the disc is faulty.

I know how DVDs are mastered and for them to end up with a 16:9 from a HD master, that is a fault of the encoding. I know it as I've seen this same problem happen at some other DVD houses that didn't know how to adjust their MPEG2 encoder settings for when dealing with HD resolutions.

We should all get our DVDs replaced free of charge and at no cost at all to the consumer (i.e. no shipping charges either).