Sunday, March 18, 2007

Where Is The Last Horror Movie?

There's no mention of it on their website, but Tartan films have stopped all supplies of The Last Horror Movie to stores in the UK. It's also likely that they won't be pressing any more copies. And why?

PR reasons, really.

The film was linked to a murder case during the trial. "A cannabis-smoking teenager obsessed with violent horror films butchered two friends with a knife before calmly calling the police, a court has heard" said The Daily Mail - surprise, surprise.

give Rupert Murdoch's gross and crass Sun newspaper their due, they appear to be the only people to report the film's name correctly, with their 'rivals' often calling it The Last Horror Film.

Amazingly, the reports I've read all seem to see the DVD as instrumental in the murders as the knife - if not more so. Baffling.

You can still
buy the film from Tartan's online shop, and there are plenty of copies. This film wasn't likely to ever go to another production run, anyway.

So despite a statement on the Time Out website from Tartan that says "In the light of such tragic events it is only right that Tartan ceases to profit from the sale of the film" they have, in fact, found a wonderful way to promote the film further. Accidentally? Maybe. Maybe they'll follow through and actually, really withdraw it from distribution, not just Sun-reader visible distribution.

I'll put the film in my rental queue now, so I can tell you, once I've seen it, if it somehow happens to be rather good and you should snap up a copy before the supplies on Tartan's website run out... however many years that will be.

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