Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Up The Junction

Channel 4 are to soon begin production of Clapham Junction, a TV film about the lives of several gay men in the Clapham area. Some of the characters will be out, some will not, there's underage gay sex and violence against gay men... sounds like Queer As Folk without the Daleks.

The director, I'm told, has been responsible for one of the new ITV Jane Austen films. I'm assuming it's Adrian Shergold who directed Persuasion with Sally Hawkins. Or maybe I'm completely wrong. That's the thing with blind guesses. I saw Shergold's Pierrepoint recently and, frankly, it wasn't half bad. Not quite. And that's despite it being co-written by Bob Mills of In Bed With Medinner and Bob Martin infamy.

The title Clapham Junction should really be Clapham Common, of course - that being the meeting place that will facilitate our characters coming together, crossing paths, getting in one another's ways and so on - but if it were, I suppose there'd be no chance of using Squeeze as a title track.

I expect the story of Jody Dobrowski to be evoked - and hopefully this will be suitably powerful stuff.

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