Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wong On Again

Wong Kar Wai is insanely busy: My Blueberry Nights is due out in May, his recut version of Ashes of Time in the Autumn, Lady From Shanghai is lined up for shooting later this year, when Kidman gets her act together. Add to this his freshly announced 'lesbian love at high school' drama, reportedly to shoot come April, and mix in his intensive, protracted shoots, reshoots and post production, and Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings workload is starting to look like the quick scramble to knock off a Saw sequel.

The only hope for Wong's health and sanity is that, in fact, he isn't confirmed to direct the new film, he may just be producing, scripting or standing on the sidelines with a clacker and a flag.

My Blueberry Nights was filming as recently as last week. Expect this to be another Wong Kar Wai film to undergo mutliple variations between premiere, general release and DVD.

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