Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Boss Of It All Goes Anglo

There's now an English subsite at the Danish The Boss of it All site. You might be surprised how broad the comedy in the trailer is now there's subtitles to assist you.

Dig around and you'll find plenty of interesting business, like this explanation of the Lookey game (click to enlarge):


Anonymous said...

ok ... im dumb i guess, can you explain a lookey to me in a way i can understand.

Brendon said...

Ridiculous things are hidden in the film - like a cross between continuity errors and optical illusions. They are all linked somehow (other than that they are in the same film).

The idea is to try and spot them all.

Anonymous said...

im still lost .. give me an example

Anonymous said...

oh .. ok ... i googled it and found some more info ... here is the actual game board (fyi - the game is already over) .. http://lookey.madsmao.dk/?lang=en ... and here is an article about it http://thenewgamer.com/content/journals/g_turner/2007/04/automavision_lookey

Brendon said...

The game is only over as regards winning the cash prize. Anybody who sees the film can still play.

The board is rather incidental. The film and a keen eye is all you need.