Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Out Of The Cannes

Luc Besson has cooked up a scheme by which tenants of Paris' less well-off Banlieues will get to see films from this year's Cannes line up.

It was Hollywood Reported that a touring inflatable screen will be set up to show a new film every night. For some engagements, the screen will be laod out at the floor of large tenanment blocks for people to watch from their windows. Joking about the obvious shortcoming of this scheme, Besson said "We're hoping that those who live on the side with the screen will invite their neighbors from the other side of the building."

The Cannes Fest have blessed the project and lent their name but have not been involved in the planning at all. The films involved will not be announced until after the full Cannes line up is unveiled on April 19th.

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