Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Cabin Fever 2 Plot Details

I've got here a whole heap of plot details for Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever. Spoiler alerts should be posted all over this thing in big red letters.

Basic version: High school seniors John and his best friend Alex decide to go to their high school prom, despite their single status; Alex expects to meet his date there and John goes to support Alex, even though the girl of his dreams, Cassie, shows up with her jerk of a boyfriend, Marc.

However, their romantic ambitions are interrupted by the outbreak of a deadly flesh eating virus emanating from a popular bottled drinking water, and the ensuing cover-up sends the prom spiraling to tragedy.

More details: John is high school senior. He's smart, heading for pre-med, is articulate, loyal to his best friend Alex. John is in love with Cassie but is hesitant to ask her to the prom, even though she just broke up with her boyfriend Marc.

Despite a nasty face-off with Marc, John has a nice moment with Cassie, who gently refuses his offer to go to the prom because she just can’t 'deal with it right now'. Somewhat depressed but not entirely defeated, John winds up at the prom to support Alex, who’s expecting to meet a girl there, and John erupts in fury when Cassie eventually shows up—as Marc’s date.

After baring his soul to Cassie regarding his love for her and her stupid insistence on seeing a boy who’s not worthy of her—an impassioned plea that does indeed turn Cassie’s head around—John realizes that there’s a much greater catastrophe to be dealt with, and he tackles it with characteristic integrity and courage...

Alex is a high school senior, outgoing, somewhat irrepressible, a bit mischievous, Alex is John’s best friend and he urges John to take advantage of Cassie’s newly single state to ask her to go to the prom with him; Alex himself is planning to spend prom night watching horror movies with their friend Darryl and Dane. However, Alex has a change of heart when he winds up with a tentative date for the prom, and he convinces John to come along for support.

After realizing his date is a no-show, Alex finds himself, John and Cassie in the midst of a nightmare, and he winds up desperately trying to save his own life…

Cassie is a beautiful high school senior, sweet, smart,a bit naive when it comes to guys but unexpectedly strong when she needs to be. She has just broken up with the obnoxious Marc and seems open to a friendship with John, who's known her for years and is in love with her.

Though Cassie refuses John's invitation to go to the prom, she incites his fury when she has a change of heart and shows up with Marc.

Moved to tears and remorse when John confronts her with her decision to stick with a jerk rather than with someone like him who genuinely loves her, Cassie suddenly sees the light and realizes John's the right choice for her. Unfortunately, prom night spirals into a terrifying catastrophe, and Cassie proves loving, brave, resourceful and, ultimately, a survivor...

So, we have our final girl, but I guess we can say goodbye to John, Alex and Marc.

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