Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Walk Hard With A Spirit

Jake Kasdan's Walk Hard is starting to sound quite odd. We already knew it was a fake biopic of Dewey Cox, a rock and roll god played by John C Reilly who somehow seems to intersect with most of music history from the 50s onwards - but did we know it was going to feature the ghost of a ten year old as another key character? I've been made privy to a really interesting nugget...

Early in the film, the young Dewey and his brother Nate are playing a game they call Machete (catchy - somebody should make a film with that name) when Dewey 'accidentally' kills Nate. So far so sane - but then, later, Nate keeps reappearing. He's still a ten year old, but he's grown very embittered. He's almost Dewey's conscience - but don't think Jiminy Crickett, this is more Baby Herman.

Sounds like a plum role for a kid to nab, so congratulations to Chip Hormess who has won it. I'm expecting Kasdan and Judd Apatow to make a great combination and really deliver with this film. Are you?

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