Thursday, April 26, 2007

Details Of Even More Feature Films From Pixar

After the Gary Rydstrom piece earlier, we did a little googling and ended up to the Screenwriting Expo site - and what did we learn there? Details of the creatives on even more upcoming Pixar feature films. Here's a full run down of every mention given to Pixar on the site...

Mark Andrews is on the staff of Ratatouille.

Michael Arndt is described as '
a writer at Pixar Animation Studios' - we know already that he's working on Toy Story 3.

Jim Capobianco is "
currently working on the development of Gary Rydstrom’s original feature film".

Brenda Chapman is now "
developing an original feature film for Pixar as a director".

Mary Coleman teaches "
acting for Pixar University".

Ronnie del Carmen is "
currently working in development on Peter Docter’s original feature film".

Jason Katz is "
currently working in development on Lee Unkrich’s original feature film".

Irene Mecchi is "
developing a movie with director, Brenda Chapman, at Pixar Animation Studios".

Kiel Murray is "
working with Gary Rydstrom, helping to develop his original feature film".

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