Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Disturbiation For The Nations

HorrorMovies have a big heap of clips from Disturbia online now. Looks like a slick piece of hack work, thoroughly entertaining and easily as satisfying as fast food. Just the kind of film we all crave every now and then.

You could also download the trailer directly, either in 1080p, 720p or 480p - though you'll have to change the file extension to .mov before you save. Apple are trying to cut out direct downloads, I think - but we can oustmart them, can't we?

So, Disturbia. It looks like The 'Burbs meets Rear Window meets What Lies Beneath meets Body Double, doesn't it? With a bit of Mimic 3 and Monster House thrown in for good measure.

One day I'm going to waltz straight into an ivory-lined Hollywood office and pitch Meet Joe Black meets Meet the Robinsons meets Meet the Fockers meets Meet the Feebles. Should be great - especially if Abott and Costello agree to star in it.

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