Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Shoot 'Em Up Shots

Thanks to 'May Dupname', I've got a big pile of pictures from Michael Davis' Shoot 'Em Up. Expect the (previously) unexpected with this one: that is, a sleeper of 300 proportions. Similar proportions can be attained, pictorially speaking, by a simple click of the mouse up any of the images.

So, I'm betting this will make a mint. Not sure how good it will be, though. Not at all. Though I hope the original animated pitch reel is included on the eventual DVD.


Mark said...

The synopsis I heard of this 'un's plot a while back sounded painful. Good cast, though. If they've got chemistry it could well redeem it.

Anonymous said...

Saw this last year at a test screening and throughly enjoyed every minute of it. Leave your brain at the door entertainment and boy, the action in this is so completely over the top that you cannot help but fall in love with it.

A few plot holes here and there but what film doesn't have those nowadays? Clive Owen is quite cool in this and Paul Giamatti is very funny. The ending is a little odd to say the least but for a film where Bellucci is dubbed D.Q., Dairy Queen, it seemed fitting.