Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dr. Who Meets Spaced By Way Of Maureen Rees

Jessica Stev... er, Hynes is guest appearing in an upcoming Dr. Who two-parter. her character will, apparently, be marrying the mysterious Timelord after he goes all Superman 2 and passes up his sort-of-immortality.

That's not the end of their onscreen relationship, however. The BBC have now announced Learners, a new comedy drama from BBC Films that will pair them again.

Stev... Hynes has written the script, and will star as Bev, alongside Tennant as Chris and Shaun Dingwall as Bev's husband Ian. Ding...Hyn...Dingwall was also in Dr. Who.

Sarah Hadland will play Fiona, a driving school instructor who encourages Hynes' Bev to take formal lessons rather than suffer her impatient husband's rude and antagonistic sessions. hadland wasn't in Dr. Who. Yet.

A love quadrangle ensues:

Chris, a devout Christian with the patience of a saint, is assigned as her instructor and it's not long before Bev develops a crush on him. However, Chris has feelings for Fiona, but she's having an affair with a married man Gerry, who works with Bev.

Hynes has said "It took me ten years to pass my test – this year I finally did it so I could do the film. I had a great instructor, he taught me to take my time and relax, when I passed I cried with joy."

Francesca Joseph is the director. She directed Jessica Stevenson and Dingwall in Tomorrow La Scala! and brilliantly, she also directed the Driving School reality show that made Maureen Rees into such a 'star'. Coincidence? I think not.

This is Hynes' first script to go into production since Spaced. The pressure's on.

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Mark said...

Can't be worse than "According To Bex" anyway.