Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Film Handling Rules Were Made To Be Broken, Scratched And Duffed Up In The Street

From Framestore CFC's April newsletter:

Edgar Wright, the enormously talented young director of Hot Fuzz, was so pleased with his experience at Framestore CFC on that film that he then brought us the 90 second 'fake trailer' he's preparing as his contribution to the hugely anticipated Tarantino/Rodriguez project, Grindhouse – their homage to sleazy 70s exploitation flicks. In order to create a piece of footage that really looked like it was 30 years old, our diligent DI team shot Wright's material out to film several times, taking the prints out on the street to be duffed up, with even a street sweeper's broom enlisted to scratch and scuff the celluloid. Our trained professionals report that there was something incredibly satisfying about breaking every film-handling rule in the book…

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