Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Famous People's Favourite Films

Josh Porro from the AFI sent me a link to their YouTube channel where clip after clip of famous folk can be seen. In each case, the celebrity tells us which film is their favourite of all time.

Less than 200 people have clicked to see which film is Ed Zwick's choice, just over 200 for Larry Charles' perference - but over 3000 have clicked for Paul Dano, over 6000 for Greg Kinnear. I was very intrigued what Charles might say - he was my first click - and, almost inevitably, I was disappointed.

Katee Sackhoff pretty much cops out, but in the closing seconds plumps for a recent film, while Ryan Fleck at least manages to name a great film. This is interesting stuff... maybe not any more interesting if these were random members of the public, but interesting nonetheless.

Is it imagined that the young and 'attractive' have a more interesting taste in movies? Or are people simply clicking to see their pin-ups lips in motion, words tumbling out?

Josh, if you're reading this, what do I have to do to get my clip on your page?

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Josh said...

Hi -

As long as you have a YouTube account, just post a reply or email me at and send me a link to your video. I'll make it a favorite.

Or if you are at the ARCLIGHT CINEMAS HOLLYWOOD tonight (maybe a bit difficult for our English friends here) I'll be recording some 'Man on the Street' videos after the SHUT UP AND SING Documentary screens.

Either way, hope you all post and thanks!

Josh Porro, AFI

"Everyone has a favorite movie!"
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