Friday, April 13, 2007

Fantastic Floored - Test Screening Response

This news just in (cue ticker-tape evoking jingle filled with staccato notes) - Fantastic Four 2 is a bad film. Enjoy those pictures above, all the same.

No sooner had I seen on Aint It Cool that a test screning of the film had taken place this week, I found an e-mail from somebody who had been there, one PunchJudyStick. Ms. Stick didn't tell me much at all, but she did invite me to chat via MSN messenger, so I thought, what the heck, plugged her e-mail address in... and voila!

Nothing. I guess it's the middle of the night for her. But if she surfaces, you'll be the first to know.

Here's the contents of her e-mail:

Hi, Brendon, I love the blog. All the Spidey stuff is great and loved the Stardust pics. I was at a test screening of F4 2 last night and thought I better tell you what you already know. Yes that's right. It sucked. The plot was really silly - Doom had a bad plan to use the metal of the Silver Surfer's board to get powers like his and there is lots more soap stuff with the 4. There was lots of supposed comedy but I didn't suppose it was really comedy at all. And the cg was pretty bad all the way through but it might not be finished. I don't know what you want to know really but if you have questions then you can find me on msn.

Not yet I can't. But Ms. PunchJudyStick, I'm looking for you.

[EDIT: Turns out there was no test screening at all and it was a rumour started to help promote a negative take on the film. I suppose somebody is trying to derail the film's hype a little...? A rival studio? Some fanboy haters?]


Anonymous said...

This claim is likely BS as Fox don't do screenings for their superhero flicks (they haven't yet anyway).

And what few details she gave are what's already been known for awhile anyway.

Last nail in the coffin of this screening claim is it's near on two months prior to release. A public screenings this far out?
Not likely.

Film could still be garbage though, since almost all the players that produced that crapfest first film are back in the game this time round too (different writer this time, but this one wrote 'My Super Ex-Girlfriend' and that was terrible too).
And I have to say too that any film that makes Ms Alba look awful aint off to a good start - have you seen that ridiculous rug they have put on her? Looks almost as fake as The Thing's oh so obvious rubber suit.

Brendon said...

Test screenings often happen much more than two months early. In fact, any later and they might be as good as useless.

We'll see how genuine this report is when the reporter next signs into MSN...