Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hatchet Teaser, MPAA Madness

Finally, the teaser for Hatchet has appeared and you can download it now. Not quite as nifty as the 'gorehound patriot' poster, which you can see above. The film has been given an NC-17 rating by the MPAA who are obviously on a bit of a power tip at the moment. Rather amazingly they've given Stardust an R rating for 'fantasy violence'. I'm sure it has less fantasy violence - and less violent fantasy violence - than Return of the King and less risque gags - a less risque risque gags - than Carry on Inserting Carry On Type Titles Here Missus.

Added to their cruel and unusual punishment for the
Captivity poster 'crimes', it seems like the MPAA have been axed grinding rather a lot of late. Are they embarrased, underneath of it all, from Kirby Dick's full-on attack in This Film Is Not Yet Rated?

[EDIT: Martyn Drake has debunked the Stardust story and I can't thank him enough. The Hollywood Reporter have been passing off bad information. Again]


Anonymous said...

Wow. Is that Stardust rating final? That is harsssh. I didn't realize Hatchet was that violent - more so than Grindhouse, 300 or Hostel? What makes it so violent? That's a great poster, great tagline - Grindhouse should have used that.

Rich D said...

Interesting, as supposedly (according to Cinematical) the MPAA just gave TEETH (the teeth in a vagina movie) an R. No matter how many documentaries are made about them, I don't see the MPAA ever making much sense.

Anonymous said...

Nope. The MPAA have *NOT* re-classified Stardust. See my post at FoEM here:

Someone, somewhere is getting confused with the 1974 Columbia Pictures flick called Stardust.

Brendon said...

Martyn, that's brilliant. Thanks.