Monday, April 02, 2007

Grind House DVD Plans

So, at some point later this year (and all signs are pointing to late July, currently) Planet Terror and Death Proof will hit DVD. Unlike their cinematic incarnation, however, they will not be packaged together in the one set (excluding retailer-specific slipcase promotions and the like). Each film is going to be given it's own DVD release, the Planet Terror one containing the program from beginning until the end of that film's credits, Death Proof picking up with the set of half-time trailers and running through 'til the bloody end.

And then, closer to the end of the year - though this might slip into 2008 easily - the two films will be reissued. Still not in a joint package. The idea this time is that these will be faux Criterion releases, loaded to the gills with extra features and blessed with 'remastered prints'. Simply put, the films are going to be colour graded 'properly' and all of the scratch and flicker effects will be turned off. And at least one of the missing reels will be reinstated.

The un-de-restored Death Proof is going to be ready in time for Cannes, so don't expect any hold up on that front.

Each of these many DVD sets is to come with exclusive extra material - and if the plans go really well, around the time of the second pair of releases, Machete is going to come to DVD as a full length feature too.

It's taken quite a bit of effort to compile and cross-reference all of this info from interviews (with Tarantino, Rodriguez, Rosario Dawson and Kurt Russell) and a couple of in-the-know tipsters, but I think you'll appreciate being forewarned about the double dip before it comes.

Of course, this is one (two?) double dip(s) worth taking: each release will be significantly distinct from the other and offer a markedly different experience. American audiences might be getting 2-for-1 this weekend, but the true fans will make up the shortfall in the end.

Next question: when do we get Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair?

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Anonymous said...

Such a crock of shit! So much for attempting to recreate the fun of the theater at home. Can't complain too much though...we get it as one film while others less fortunate have to shell out twice the money for two films. Oh bullshit! I can complain and will. Weinsteins are a bunch of money grubbing bastards willing to rape their audience out of their hard earned cash due to the fact that almost every other release they have "unleashed" upon the moviegoing public has virtually been ignored and this film is the one likely to provide any serious revenue. Dirty, cheap, rat bastards.

With that said, Harvey, you know I love you but I just can't respect you anymore. I just can't o it anymore. Quentin? Robert? What do I say to you? Thanks for the flicks but double and possible triple dips? You know that smell that lingers inside your beloved grindhouse theaters? It's me vomiting on your ideas of servicing your fans who would shell out said cash just to watch you, Quentin, sit on your ass for another 5 years "writing" your WW2 piece that you have been dangling in our faces for the last 10. And Robert, shame on you! You do think we really need another poorly conceived children's flick with neverending green screen backgrounds and sub par PONG styled CGI?

Sorry for the rant but this beyond ridiculous and you know what? This kind of shit needs to stop from filmmakers who claim to respect and appreciate their fanbase.

AKA dead000

ps Brendon, I apologize.