Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Vincent Comin' Atcha, Knick Knack Back On The Shelf?

When The Nightmare Before Christmas 3D is re-released this October, a newly steresocopic remix of Vincent, Burton's early stop-motion short that simply begs to be read as autobiography, will be added to the start of the show.

Where this leaves Knick Knack, the Pixar toon that preceeded Nightmare last year, I don't honestly know, but it may still be in there, censored bosoms and all. Here's Chuck Viane (again), speaking to The Hollywood Reporter:

When you have an evergreen title like Nightmare, it is very important to give the fan a chance to sample something new. Each year on bring backs, we are going to try to add some value.

Bring-backs plural. I guess we'll be getting another chance to see Chicken Little before too long, then - and a good thing too, it was only on 84 screens first time around. Real-D has given Disney a fresh reason to repeat cinema engagements.

Estimates have the 3D cinema count approaching 1000 in the US by the time Nightmare returns in October, possibly hitting 1200 in time for Beowulf in November.

Regarding the 3D projects Robert Zemeckis is setting up at Disney, Viane hints that an announcement is drawing near. Expect to see John Carter of Mars in the title list somewhere.

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