Sunday, April 29, 2007

Here Comes The Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For DVD Extra Materials

Speaking to The Sound of Young America, Dave Willis announces that an entire second film, let alone a bunch of deleted scenes, will be in the extra features of the Aqua Teen film DVD. Fingers crossed that it somehow turns out to be a better film than the main feature - or at least a film that the fans like more.

Willis: We scrapped so much of that first cut that we're not having deleted scenes on our DVD, we're having a deleted movie on the DVD. You can click on it and it's a feature length waste of time. It's colossal, or it would be colossal if it were expensive but it's clearly far enough down the road that we can see this would be a complete and utter failure.

Can I say that some critics have said that our current movie is plotless? Well, if you wanna see plotless... go out and by the DVD.

It does not perform like a normal movie.


Anonymous said...

dude, yer lame. aqua teen hunger force colon movie (or, whatever the hell they called it) was awesome! the opening scene where the candy comes out dancing, only to be frightened off by nasty nachos that scream they'll come to yer house and kill you; was genius. it'll blow the balls off any lame movie you dig. and, the fact that the dude is all 'some people thought our movie was plotless'...funny, funny stuff.

Brendon said...

There's no opinion of my own in the piece - just reportage.

And the film wasn't very popular with fans of the show. So, here's hoping this alternative film will be.

Anonymous said...

Who says the movie wasn't popular with fans of the show? I loved it, and I'm a huge fan of the show. Maybe you're dumb.

Brendon said...

Maybe I'm being naive, but not dumb. The consensus was disappointment. Anybody who looks aroudn online can find that out for themselves.