Sunday, April 29, 2007

No Hauer In Blade Runner Reshoots

Some days ago, I e-mailed Rutger Hauer's people to enquire if he'd taken part in the Blade Runner reshoots. They didn't reply.

Then, I was told he wasn't - but that was by somebody I have to kind of pretend I never get any info from, if you know what I mean. So I couldn't say a peep. But now, at last, it's official:

There's no reshooting with Rutger Hauer happening for the Blade Runner final cut. Several sequences featuring Hauer have been altered, but not through any filming of new material with the actor. This will be stuff like CG replacement compositions for dicky opticals, and the changing of errors in matte paintings and model backgrounds.

Of course, this means the scene where Batty meets his maker then offs him is going to stay this way. I'd been led to believe that a subsequent scene was on the cards where Batty then takes the elevator one floor higher to find the real Tyrell in a life-support tank, revealing the one we'd previously seen to be a replicant copy. I guess that's something we'll never get to see - unless Scott turns into George Lucas and comes back for a fiddle in a decade or two. Scott turning into Lucas? Sure - just after Michael Bay turns into Alan Resnais.

Apparently now confirmed as taking part in the reshoots - which are all done and dusted - are Joanna Cassidy and, possibly for voice work only, Benjamin Ford, Harrison's son. Rumoured as taking part is Daryl Hannah, but it's a loud rumout and I think we should keep a close eye on it. Nobody else has been rumoured - at least to me - as yet.

JoBlo caught wind of the Benjamin Ford story too. They also report that the trailer will be on the 300 DVD in August - but don't say anything at all, curiously, about the film's theatrical release.

I'm told we can expect a run in cinemas before the DVD package hits in time for Christmas. No word on how big a cinema release, but I'm betting on a small-ish one.

[EDIT: Apparently, there was a press release announcing the theatrical release. It was issued in 2006 - before film ick became what it is now - so I don't have a copy. So, the theatrical release seems to be 100% sure]

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Adam said...

If that's real...that's one great package. Of course, they'll never release something that nice in the US. Maybe the UK...