Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hot Fuzz Deleted Scenes

The upcoming R2 DVD of Hot Fuzz - out June 11th, start putting pennies aside now and you'll be able to afford it with only your accumulated change from the chip shop - features a decent string of deleted scenes.

There's an alernative opening, running over 11 minutes; a short epilogue, just over a minute long; and a big list of snips from heare there and everywhere. Here are the scenes' titles as they will appear on the DVD Menus:

Travelling to Sandford
The station tour
Pub lunch
The grassroots approach
A slow afternoon
Meet the NWA
Lonely Angel
The Fridge Magnate
Fence jump
Traffic Duty
Crockett and Tubby
Webley's Farm
A night at The Crown
Hoodie Fight
Point Break
Investigating Merchant's Death
A fete worse than death
Angel on the case
Prime suspect
Sandford Castle

Of course, many of those seem to refer to scenes already in the film so you can expect longer and alternative versions. They each run from around 45 seconds to 2 minutes.

All of the video blogs are on the disc too, including 'the lost blog', "The Police Station Tour".

For more on the many Hot Fuzz DVD special features, hit the Hot Fuzz label below to look for the previous posts on the matter here at film ick.

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