Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So This Is This Is England

This is England is the latest film from Shane Meadows. If you want, you can see Meadows play darts with Mark Kermode this Saturday night on BBC2's The Culture Show. Kermode is clearly a dangerous man - it was while he was interviewing Werner Herzog that the sniper struck. And it was during his Five Live review of March of the Penguins that I almost broke my fist, foot and teeth on the radio.

I wonder if either Kermode or Meadows will get a dart stuck in their head, like Shaun, or in their back, like my sister? I'll have to tune in and see, I suppose. Quite exciting.

The trailer for This is England has now gone online at the website for the PR company responsible for flogging this film to the UK (and you can download it with a right-click, should you desire). Wot no Paddy Considine?

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Big Al said...

Paddy Considine = God