Sunday, April 15, 2007

Julie Taymor Directing New Spider-Man, The Edge And Bono To Assist

According to 'beast boy', scooping at Superhero Hype, Julie Taymor is to direct Spider-Man as a msucial and the casting call is out and about right now. Taymor has written the book with Glen Berger, and the music and lyrics are to be by Bono and The Edge.

Beyond Peter and MJ, the characters named on the casting breakdown are Norman Osborn, J Jonah Jameson, Arachne and a Geek Chorus.

Arachne? Yep. Get this:

A beautiful, boastful young woman turned into a spider for her hubris and lack of respect for the gods. She subsequently appears to Peter Parker and the audience as in turn a powerful spider-woman who comes from another time to inspire Peter; an otherworldly lover; a bride; a terrifying (and sexy) dark goddess of vengeance; a dance partner in a charged and violent spiders dance of death; and, finally, a lonely, fragile young woman. Possesses an ethereal, unique, gorgeous singing voice. Strong Celtic, Balkan style, e.g., Sinead O'Connor. Outside the box ideas are welcomed. Could be someone from the music industry.

'Outside the box ideas are welcomed' - you can say that again, Ms. Taymor.

I've actually been reading about Julie Taymor taking on Spider-Man for some time, but I wasn't entirely sure it would ever see the light of day. Do you think this could be a success?

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