Sunday, April 15, 2007

Win Old Joy Posters And DVDs

Old Joy wasn't really much good at all, sadly (people seemed to like it because stuff doesn't blow up in it, but frankly, that's just a hair more ridiculous than liking a film because stuff does blow up in it). But if you disagree with my disinterest in this trite, smugly dialled-down closet melodrama - or would like the chance to disagree, at least - Solace in Cinema are offering Old Joy posters and DVDs as prizes in a contest.

I'll even tell you the answer, to help you along and make sure that you click. Bonny Prince Billy.

In his Will Oldham guise, he was in the superb Matewan - many, many moons ago - but since, sadly, he's just been in a string of shockers, including Junebug and Julien Donkey Boy, which are two of my most reviled films of the last ten years (though, to be fair, I don't recall him being in Donkey Boy, and it might just be one of those infamous imdb blips and perhaps he's only on the soundtrack).

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