Monday, April 02, 2007

Love On The Upper Lip

Sometimes I hate YouTube more than you could imagine. Their encoding is pretty unforgiving and if the source material is somehow compromised the end result can be frightening.

A short film I made a couple of years back has now been uploaded by the film's co-writer, producer and supremely talented star, Dominic Frisby. I'd guess he could have acheived better end results if he lightened the uploaded file artificially, but... well... he's very busy.

It's a pretty dark version of the film. Except for when it isn't and it's quite bright. Trust me, the full-res version looks lovely. One of the most handsome projects I've ever directed.

Dominic is a very good stand up comedian and an incredibly prolific voice over artist. We wrote this film from an original draft by Dave Thompson. Thompson is a sometime Harry Hill collaborator, the original Tinky Winky Teletubby (yes, literally - he started, and got fired over, the whole Tinky Winky is gay furore) and a bonafide eccentric.

Carmel Howard is also in the film and is very good in what is, compared to Frisby's, quite a thankless role.

I'm quite proud of this one. It plays very well to big crowds - a few of them cotton on to the particular sense of humour early on and pull everybody else with them. Turn your brightness up as high as you can and give it a go.

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Dominic said...

Hello Chaps,
You can see a better quality version of the film here: