Monday, April 02, 2007

Oswald Returns This Christmas

Disney have announced their seventh wave of Disney Treasure DVDs and two of the three set ssound essential.

There's the third volume in the Chronological Donald collection as well as a complete set of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit toons. Oswald has only recently returned home to roost at Disney and this celebratory release will feature the original set of 26 shorts from 1927/8, featuring designs by Walt himself, beautifully remastered and with newly composed scores. Who's doing the scores? Don't I just wish I knew.

Inessentially, there's another set of Disney Themepark documentaries as the last of the 2-disc sets. Zzzzzzzz.

I'm still missing the Complete Goofy Treasures set. Anybody get one by mistake that they don't want anymore?

Here's the complete list of Oswald titles:

Poor Papa,
Trolley Troubles, Oh, Teacher, Great Guns, The Mechanical Cow, All Wet, The Ocean Hop, The Banker's Daughter, Harem Scarem, Rickety Gin, Neck 'n Neck, Empty Socks, The Ol' Swimmin' 'ole, Africa Before Dark, Rival Romeos, Bright Lights, Sagebrush Sadie, Ride 'em Plow Boy, Ozzie of the Mounted, Hungry Hoboes, Oh, What a Knight, Sky Scrappers, The Fox Chase, Tall Timber, Sleigh Bells, Hot Dog.

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