Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Penn And Teller On The Las Vegas AIDS Walk

film ick is a very big fan of illusions, and amongst our favourite practioners - not counting cine-tricksters like Hitchcock, Gilliam, Melies, Shyamalan et al - are Derren Brown (returning to UK TV this Friday!) and Penn and Teller.

This weekend, Penn and Teller will be taking part in the Las Vegas AIDS Walk. If you're in the area, you could still join in. Raise over a certain amount for the charity and you will even be entitled to attend a VIP show from the two illusionists

In fact, they're offering a lot to big money raisers - and are promising to match dollar-for-dollar any money their supporters raise.

Arthur Penn's Penn and Teller Get Killed is very, very near the top of the list of films desperately needing a DVD release. What on Earth is holding it up?

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