Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Single Story Trailer Park

MySpace today launched Trailer Park, their sigh-inducingly named repository of movie trailers. I guess the idea is less to compete with Apple and Yahoo's trailer sites than it is to offer a spot her for studios, knowing that an under-the-same-roof location for MySpace users to pick up embed codes for trailers is bound to be pretty successful.

I can see a certain type of MySpacer rushing to get the latest trailers, wearing them like badges. (That's all MySpace is really, something like a TGIFriday-staffer's brace covered in 'flair').

It's a smart enough move, commercially speaking, but I don't know if we'll ever see trailers for the likes of, oh, I dunno, Private Fears in Public Places on the roster. The currrent headliner, unsurprisingly, is Good Luck Chuck - a film that looks genuinely criminal and I hope somebody will press charges soon.

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