Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Poke In The Eye

You've probably seen the Twsited Whiskers line of greetings cards. They're the truly ugly ones, with the distorted animals all huge eyes and mouths. The ones that look like a five year old has been clicking buttons on a basic photo editing tool. Well, those hideous cards are about to get another profile boost.

They're being used as the basis for a new cartoon series - 26 half hour episodes. That's 30 full minutes of torture for a whole half year - Saturday mornings won't be totally safe for some time. You think you're settling down for some Spongebob, Batman or Foster's and then... the woogly eyed freaks accost you, no doubt speaking in a range of hideous regional/national accent caricatures. Urgh.

I refuse to post a Twisted Whisker image in this post. Google them if you must.


Anonymous said...

Of a weak disposition concerning the most basic of surreally manipulated images, are we?

Barely makes sense. Each to their own anyhoo.

Brendon said...

They're just ugly. Tacky. And they defy any sense of aesthetic good taste I can grasp.

And they've got, like, these big woogly eyes an' that...