Thursday, April 19, 2007


In a new interview at MoviesOnline, David Goyer admits that he has served as a consultant on a number of big superhero franchises.

I think we can exclude Spider-Man from that list... and Singer's films too... aren't all of the others really bad? Without exception? In the last ten years or so, at least.

Correct me in the comments below by reminding me, oh-so-ironically, that the Goyer scripted Blade II became a thing of beauty in the hands of Guillermo del Toro. And then let me remind you that there's always one allowed to prove the rule. Apparently.


will said...

You think Batman Begins is "really bad"?

Brendon said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I've ended up with a copy of Batman Begins on DVD and I've got no interest in keeping it. The asking price is currently just a couple of quid.

But my feeling stem from the time I saw it in the cinema: I found it juvenile, often quite ramshackle, and the plotting and characterisation are thin and faulty in many ways.

Not a popular opinion, but I can't understand the other point of view at all.

Mark said...

I saw it at the cinema and was bored rigid. My lasting impression when I left was merely "wow, wasn't the trailer for A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE f#ckin' brilliant!".

More Gary Oldman in the second one, though, and I might take it seriously, despite some high profile mis-casting. Isn't Goyer off it, too?

Brendon said...

Goyer either plotted it or wrote a first draft, depending on who you believe.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who still thinks Goyer is more talented than people who know better say he is need look no further than Blade: Trinity, the flick that placed Blade and Blade II on the ground, hunkered over it with a satisfied grin, and let loose as large and officious a dump of crap as it could possibly manage on an otherwise fun franchise.

He has good ideas here and there--he should be a producer, not a writer. Leave it to someone with a little more talent.

Brendon said...

Aside form the fact that I'm no fan of the first Blade, that comment was quite like my feelings on the matter overall.

I think the post title Super-Consultant said it all, really.