Saturday, April 28, 2007

Thinking Caps On: A New Pile Of Disney Mysteries

The good work at The Disney Enquirer continues, with another long list of Mouse-owned domain names dug up for our consideration. This stuff really gets me going - and there's bound to be something in this lot that tempts you too.

Firstly, there's a heap of new DVD and Blu-Ray domains: Saludos Amigos and The Three Cabelleros are coming to DVD, just in time to tie-in with their new Epcot attraction; The Frog Princess now has a DVD domain ready registered even while the production race is far from the final furlong; Finding Nemo's Blu-Ray release can't be far away either.

Other domains seem to reveal the names of previously unannounced TV shows: Aron Stone, Baby Sitter Fighting Force, Twitches 2, Kid Knieval, Lucky Breaks, Shezow, Rules of 57th Street, Truman and Tre.

Who Shrunk Daniel Funk is the first in an upcoming series of books from Lin Oliver - Disney have registered a series of associated domains, so can we look forward to a new film franchise based on the books? Or just a spin-off TV show?

And how about a sequel to Meet the Robinsons? Certainly looks like one is coming - Meet the Kids was on the list too and Robinsons fans will see straight away how that would pan out. Direct to DVD, no doubt.

Most interesting, however, are a series of 'Vision' branded domains - Prince Caspian, Enchanted and Pirates of the Caribbean all have 'Vision' websites alongside their main pages. The Enquirer speculates this might be related to Disney 3D, the branded Real-D process that Disney have been pushing lately. If they're right, that's great for all of us - Real-D is amazing. I'm suspecting that 'Vision' might just be a Video on Demand service, however. If you ahve any clues, please fire them over.

What a line-up. I'm already champing at the bit for Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros.

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