Thursday, April 12, 2007

Two Screens, Two Eyes, Two Glory Days

Apparently, even hand-held consoles are getting in on the 3D revolution. According to Computer and Videogames, the Nintendo DS shoot-'em-up Glory Days 2 is to use specs to create a 3D effect. The idea is, the top-down shooter will show objects nearer to the player (the tops of tall buildings, planes, copters) as though hovering above the screen. The old red and blue anaglyphic glasses won't be used, but neither will a polarised lens system like Real D. The sytem this time is based upon the Pufrich effect and uses one lens tinted slightly darker than another.

All good in theory, but the Pufrich effect is notoriously unreliable.

So, while 3D is becoming the future of cinema in a very real way, other entertainments are far, far behind.

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