Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Comedy Central Next Season

Comedy Central have issued a press release that details all of their new pilots and shows for the next season.

A couple of race-related hot button issues are toyed with in David Allen Grier's Chococolate News and The Watch List, which features Middle Eastern-American (as they say) comedians.

Michael Ian Black Doesn't Understand is a sketch show presented by Mich... well, you know; Root of All Evil is a faux court case presided over by Lewis Black; Larry the Cable Guy: Animated Project is an animated proje... again, you know.

Most interesting, maybe, is Held Up. Here's the blurb on that one:

A half-hour narrative in which a bored bank teller's life changes dramatically when two teams of crazy robbers - disguised as James Bond, Spiderman, Batman and Larry, Curly and Mo - hold up his branch. The main characters are held hostage for the entire arc of the series and fall victim to the comedic version of The Stockholm Syndrome.

Rolling out in June will be L'il Bush, (as in George Jr.), which was previously announced. That series has a release page all of it's own that you might like to look over.

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