Sunday, May 20, 2007

Direct Download Link For The Goya's Ghosts Trailer

I remember how long the US had to wait for Hot Fuzz after the UK release. Hardly seemed fair did it? Even more cruel is the delay in the release of Goya's Ghosts.

I saw the film a few weeks back at my local Odeon (Oxford George Street, where a significant number of films are given a truly subpar presentation and, it's quite obvious, the projectionists should have been sacked years ago - the same goes for the Odeon Magdalen Street too) but the US release isn't until late July.

What's more, it's a much better film than the admittedly-excellent Hot Fuzz. Indeed, the only better film I've seen this year was Son of Rambow.

Goya's Ghosts is a bonafide masterpiece and, if your country hasn't had the film yet, you should be marking your diary in anticipation, indulging in a little excitement and downloading the trailer right now.

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