Sunday, May 20, 2007

Avi Arad Writes Script, Signs World's Worst Director To Realise It

Okay, Sean McNamara might not be the world's worst director, but of all of the commercially released films I've seen, his have been the furthest removed from competence. As if to prove me right on a grander scale, his next release will be Bratz.
Now, Avi Arad has co-scripted a film based upon the Robospaien toy, and McNamara has been hired to direct the November shoot. Variety have given something of a synopsis and it sounds just as dreadful as you'd imagine:

The story concerns a scientist working on artificial intelligence who creates robots for humanitarian purposes, only to discover that the corporation he works for intends them for military use. He steals one of his creations, a robot boy named Toby, who, by a series of accidents, gets lost and broken, and then found and fixed by the lonely 11-year-old son of a harassed single mother.

The robot and boy become friends, and embark on a series of adventures, pursued by the authorities, climaxing with them having to rescue the scientist and the mother from prison.

Apparently, Arad has a background in toy design - which makes perfect sense, in a way. He's overseen the design of a new Toby toy for the Robosapien range, and it's going on sale at the time of the movie release.

The other writer on the project is Max Botkin, and since he probably did most of the work, I really should drag his name into this too.

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