Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The French Borat

Antoine de Maximy has been described as the French Borat. His show, I'll Stay at Yours, has been a hit on French TV for a few years and now, of course, it is getting a movie spin-off, I'll Stay the Night. For the film, he'll be crossing the States, coast to coast - perhaps thats where the Borat comaprison comes from? Because, otherwise, I understand, he's nothing like Borat at all. He's quite soft, for one thing, and doesn't really have an agenda.

Sounds deathly dull - but have you seen the show? What is it really like? And will it cross over to international audiences?

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Pete said...

Whoever has made that equivocation obviously has never seen de Maximy's show - which is good in a touchingly comedic kind-of-way. Not sure whether it will suit a movie crossover, though, and even if it works in French, I strongly doubt the humour will survive translation.