Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Movie Minesweeper - The Apparently, I'm A Hack Edition

Apparently, I'm a hack. I love films and I mean every word I type about them - doesn't that disqualify me from hackdom? Here's some links for you.

- Luc Besson has discussed Angel-A and sequels for The Transporter and Arthur and the Invisibles with MoviesOnline.

- Paid movie downloads have been classified as a niche only, and are predicted to never go mainstream. People still like those hard items purchased in those brick and mortar stores, I guess.

- Super Bad James Dynomite is being adapted by the Wayans. Shame.

- There are some slow-loading Strangers stills at Celebutopia, and at least two look appropriately creepy. The next great Boo! movie? Fingers in little Xs, people.

- Arrogantics have found a John Rambo still.

- Nintendo are holding a short film competition. Only US residents (Puerto Rico, as ever, aside) can enter.

- Jessica Biel and Forest Whitaker are to star in Timothy Linh Bui's Powder Blue.

- Chris Sivertson's Hippy was co-written by Lucky McKee - good - but will star Lindsay Lohan - bad.

- Maxim have published a list of, supposedly, the 100 most attractive women on the face of the earth. Many are movie stars. I think somebody should do a male equivalent - they'd get plenty of sales, hits, water cooler talk. Guy lists are normally limited to ten or so.

- You can preview Flight of the Conchords' HBO show now.

- Chow Yun Fat may return to the cast of Red Cliff, but where that leaves Tony Leung is anybody's guess. Taking the producers to court, I'd hope. [EDIT: Moises has pointed me to Monkeypeaches, where they report a Chinese newspaper's claims that Chow's role is to be a much smaller one, and Leung will keep the lead role]

- Momentum are to release Neil Burger's The Return over here in blighty. Good.

- A promo pic for Dario Argento's Mother of Tears has appeared in the Cannes edition of Variety. Tasty.


droidguy1119 said...

People have so many reasons not to fiddle with technology. I think they should really just push to combine computer technology with televisions and then just upgrade the whole concept of Pay Per View and On Demand with the idea of downloading movies. I'm sure people would be willing to embrace that, especially if you packed in the bonus features like downloading a DVD. But people have old computers and outdated video cards and slow connections, I really don't expect paid internet movie downloads will really catch on.

Harmen said...

Who the hell has been calling you a hack Brendon? That's someone who should consider washing his mouth with soap in my opinion. I mean sure, you might not agree with al of the other critics on the web(and i certainly don't agree with)but that's also the reason why i read filmick in the first place: You actually seem to have an opinion about films.