Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Fuzzball Rally

Get ready for a double-dip, UK-based Spaced Cadets. The US DVD of Hot Fuzz is to contain an exlusive feature, The Fuzzball Rally. Think Nick, Simon and Edgar in cars (or not - see below), acting daft (definitely - see... well, everythign else they've ever done). You get the idea.

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Anonymous said...

The Fuzzball Rally does not include Pegg, Wright, or Frost behind the wheel of a vehicle in the States at all. But rather, it is the U.S. FUZZ tour dates in which they appeared to introduce the film and a Q & A afterwards.

Also if you want to scoop all other sites NOT reporting the FUZZ DVD specs, report this.

Yes, the R1 DVD will include the aforementioned FUZZBALL RALLY as a bonus to Stateside fans and will not be included on the R2 disc.

However if you own an HD-DVD player, I would suggest you pick up FUZZ on that format and you will own the contents of BOTH the R1 and R2 discs. The HD-DVD version of this film is completely loaded. No double dipping needed for this particular release.

***BTW, I work in the industry and received my production listings, a list of films & television that name all production currently shooting or will be shooting in the next few months, and noticed that Robert Rodriguez is not only attached to BARBARELLA but is also locked to helm LAND OF THE LOST with Will Ferrell attached as well.