Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Spin, Spin, Spin The Sitcom Trials

A few years back, Rich Johnston was developing a sitcom called, for a good while at least, The Lavender Millbank Mob. Then it underwent a name change to Perfect 10 and a rough-and-ready live version was broadcast on TV as part of the Sitcom Trials. Which name do you prefer?

Thought so.

Anyway, the sitcom was populated with New Labour spin doctors and the politicians and media they deal with. Rich wrote a lot more than was broadcast, but now, courtesy of YouTube, you can see the two halves of one Perfect 10 story. I don't think they've necessarily done Rich justice here, but it's always quite exciting to see pilot versions and there's a good few once-topical laughs to be had.

Watch part one first, then jump over to part two. You know you want to.

The series was presented, produced and devised by Kev F. Sutherland, the hardest working man in... well, Bristol at least. One day, Kev will write an episode of the new Dr. Who, I'm convinced.

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