Monday, May 28, 2007

The I Say 'Bank Holi-', You Say 'Memorial' Edition

- Want to preview the soundtrack to Ocean's 13, see some stills and read an interview with David Holmes? Sure you do.

- There's a rumour that Batman might be down at the London Eye today. On a bank holiday? Don't think so. Bet you a quid this was dreamt up by Red Ken's tourism elves.

- Yet another computer-generated Star Wars trailer... this time for an upcoming combo-edition of the Lego Star Wars games (fun but really very slight - no depth to them at all, really).

- Pirate copies of Hostel 2 have turned up, with the name S. Mooridian watermarked into the print. At least we know who is going to be fired/blacklisted/executed for their part in this. There's little point me telling you not to go near pirate DVDs and so on, but I will anyway. Don't.

- Cannes has closed up for a year, awards were given, reputations made.

- The murder of cricket coach Bob Woolmer looks set to inspire a new film from Mahesh Bhatt. Bizarrely, he plans to dramatise the real murder investigation in the context of a fictional love story.

- You can directly download the trailer for Larry Fessenden's The Last Winter. It looks truly great and apparently it is.

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Mark said...

Last time I saw Homer, we were following him into what turned out to be a rather star-spangled Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros gig at the Limelight. Some indie kid at the door didn't recognise him when he said his name was on the list. "Ferchris'sakes, it's fuckin' David Holmes!" I leaned over and said. I think he appreciated it.
Great gig: Strummer was exactly what you'd have wanted him to be like. In a seriously overheated club at the height of summer, with too many people packed in, and no ventilation, he stopped the gig to demand the bouncers open all the doors and pass bottles of water around. It was like a scene out of RUDE BOY.