Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Real Star Wars TV Teaser Trailer

This time, it's for real. Not one half as ugly, but not exactly handsome either.


Mark said...

This makes me ask myself a couple of questions. Do we really need anymore STAR WARS 2.5 when STAR WARS 3 resolved all that Clone Wars malarkey rather satisfactorily anyway? And what are the ethics of using Genndy Tartakovsky's visual stylings when he's no longer involved?

I think I'd rather that any new STAR WARS product made more of an attempt to establish its own identity/continuity.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly, Mark. I have a problem with using Tartakofsky's style when he isn't involved.
I would like to see more of his version of the Clone Wars anyway, those were better than the films.
I was actually thinking at first that they would be using the films' computer models for this as opposed to creating anything new. But those puppets are probably too complex to manipulate for television. The characters though, despite their Tartakofsky ripoffedness, also remind me a bit of Team America, LOL.
I hope the scripts are nearly as good as the other Clone Wars (yeah... right).

Harmen said...

Speaking of Genndy Tartakovsky: Does anyone know if he's still attached with that sequel to the Dark Crystal?

Brendon said...

The Henson folk insist so... but... well, something is afoot, I think. Too many rumours going around.

I hope he still is, let's leave it at that.