Tuesday, May 15, 2007

If You Love Animation, This Will Make You Scream, Then Laugh, Then Write A Letter Of Complaint

There's a Shrek 3 viral on YouTube and it is so appalling, so terrible, so disgraceful that it makes me want to smash things. Hard. Against the screen. Instead, I'm just laughing at how utterly inadequate the thing is. Whoever animated this should be ashamed. And fired. And pointed at by crowds while they are mocked without remorse. What an absolute pathetic example of an animator they truly are.

This is some of the most dreadful animation I have ever seen. Please don't spread this thing. In fact, spread a genuine virus instead. At Dreamworks PDI.


Mark H Wilkinson said...

Look like an attempt to evoke the Dancing Baby of yesteryear.

Stacey Winslett said...

I watched it with my downstairs neighbors' 7 year old son. He turned to her and said, "Mom, do we have to go see Shrek 3?"